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Top 10 Craziest Chanel Bags of All Time

by Richard Zakroff on October 18, 2017

When it comes to designer fashion, we have Chanel to thank for many things—the little black dress, impeccably-made women’s suits, and of course, the classic flap bag. Where would designer fashion be if it weren’t for Chanel?

Despite the many timeless classics Chanel has provided us over the years, the luxury fashion house has also consistently been unveiling some more, shall we say… interesting pieces. Practical? No. Awesome? Definitely. Take a look.


1. Gas Can Clear Plexiglas Clutch, Plexiglas Perfume Bottle, & Plexiglas Cassette Clutch: Any true follower of Chanel remembers when the Plexiglas bags first made their appearance on the catwalk. The high fashion bags come in a variety of design concepts—we have the Plexiglas gas can, the Plexiglas perfume bottle, and the Plexiglas cassette tape, to name a few. (And yes, we’re still talking about handbags!) [Get it here]

2. Hula Hoop Bag: The most talked about bag of 2013 was Chanel’s Hula Hoop bag. The bag’s iconic silhouette and questionable function made quite the statement when it hit the runway in the spring/summer of 2013. Although the larger versions never actually made it to production, mini versions are available. Worn by celebrities Chloe Moretz and Kris Jenner, the bag almost instantly made an impression among Hollywood stars.

3. Ankle Purse: While not technically a “handbag,” one of the coolest bags we’ve seen in terms of functionality is this micro bag that is actually worn on the ankle. Ankle bags aren’t something we see often, so this piece released in 2008 caught everybody by surprise. It was even rumored that Karl Lagerfield was mocking the many celebrities at the time who wore ankle monitors, though that theory was never confirmed to be true. At the very least, it’s an interesting way to carry your lipstick!

4. Shopping Bag: The Chanel shopping bag is exactly what it sounds like—a handbag that is designed to look like the shopping bag that a bag would come in at the store. Released in the spring/summer of 2009, these bags definitely demanded some attention—even if it was because people were a bit confused.

5. Chain Basket: The Chanel brass and leather shopping basket definitely takes the cake for the least functional bag on this list. Although we know it was showcased in Chanel’s 2014 supermarket-themed fashion show, we may never know what exactly its purpose or intention is. It’s intriguing, for sure—but we’re not about to take this to our local supermarket anytime soon.

6. Shell Clutch: The shell clutch is a delicate piece designed to look like a pearlescent conch shell. It’s sans handle, and is meant to be carried like a clutch, by grasping the outer edge of the shell. It’s also insanely expensive—yes, even for a designer handbag—retailing for almost $50k!

7. Ice Box Clutch: In anticipation of winter 2010, Chanel released the iconic ice box and ice cube bags. The pieces feature cool, clear exteriors and shiny hardware to match, making them a perfect accent for the cooler weather.

8. Meat-Packaged Flap Bag: You might want to put this one with your Chanel Chain Shopping Basket—the meat packaged classic flap bag is like something you would find straight out of the meat & poultry section in your local supermarket! Wrapped in a plastic shrink-wrap-like covering with quality assurance stickers and all, the meat-packaged pieces almost look like they belong in your fridge, rather than on your arm.

9. Bible Clutch: Holy moly! The Chanel bible clutch gives the popular adage “fashion is my religion” a whole new meaning. A rich black suede and gold metallic leather exterior makes this bag an elegant addition to any religious woman’s wardrobe. Fashion has never been so divine!

10. Candy Pack Clutch: The Chanel Candy Pack Clutch is another item from the fall/winter of 2014 show in which the entire event was staged in a luxurious supermarket. Joining the shopping basket, meat-packaged flap bag, and ice box clutch, is this playful clutch with a familiar candy bar silhouette and fun, colorful beads in a clear pocket on the front of the bag. The bag comes in multiple colors and retails for about $8,000.


Each of these bags are considered to be some of the craziest bags ever to be released by Chanel! Which one of these crazy Chanel bags surprised you the most? Are there any that you would like to own?