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Fashion Around the World: Seoul Fashion Week - Rising Trends, Highlights, & More

by Richard Zakroff on November 01, 2017

Where else could you expect to see lacy Victorian-era dresses paired with punky streetwear and 1930s swimming caps than at Seoul Fashion Week? K-fashion is known for being especially innovative and experimental, and this season’s catwalk was no exception! Seoul Fashion Week saw many unique and eclectic pieces that we’re definitely going to be seeing again. From preppy college fashion, to 80s rock-inspired pieces, the show was everything we expected it to be and more.

Some of the biggest trends we saw were an emphasis on androgyny, elongated silhouettes, and unconventional combinations of frilly femininity and rugged masculinity. Other rising trends include punky street style, tailored suits, preppy college looks, diverse personalities, 80s cut jackets, and denim. Definitely keep a look out for these trends as we head into Winter and Spring!

JKoo’s show was probably the most unique of the bunch—featuring 1930’s-esque swimming bonnets, Victorian-era lace dresses, and a streetwear vibe all wrapped into one. The deconstructed looks were an odd but captivating pairing by designers Choi Jin-woo and Koo Yeon-joo. The muted color palette, feminine soft details, and elegance of the silhouettes were especially haunting.

SupercommaB’s show was particularly entertaining. Many pieces were heavily influenced by K-pop fashion, demanding attention with loud, vivid colors and channeling a youthful, fun energy. Designer Lee Bo-hyun presented a distinctly diverse range of looks, showing a wide variety of personas including “the smartphone addict,” “the David Bowie fan,” and others. The collection embraced the rising individualism of Korea’s millennials, with each model representing a unique personality and telling a story of their own. It was relatable, interesting, and definitely connected with the younger audience.

Other highlights of the show included 80s-era streetwear and edgy, rock-inspired silhouettes. Kim Hee-jin’s punk-inspired collection came with a twist this season, featuring darker tones, 80s rock-inspired pieces, and most notably—the denim jacket. Boxy shapes, punk vibes, and two-toned silk tops were an underlying theme carried through the entire collection.

YCH gave us a more conventional vibe, with models donned in traditional Korean “gats,” worn by men in traditional dress. Yoon Choon-ho combined classic and historic Koreanwear with an edgy modernism that used color and silhouette to convey an almost regal presence. In addition to the gats, looks included gold embroidery and bright reds.

The Blindness show hinged on the use of androgyny and gender fluidity. Designers Shin Kyu-yong and Park Ji-sun expertly created a dramatic, moody collection filled with capes, oversized silhouettes, and exaggerated design details – like frills, sleeves, and even surgical masks.

Though it’s hard to say which of these fashion trends from Seoul Fashion Week will triumph above the rest, we can certainly say that each will impact next season’s fashions in some way. From exaggerated silhouettes, to dark, moody colors, to 80s-inspired rock fashion, to themes of inclusivity and androgyny, we can’t wait to see what’s next!