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The Cash In My Bag Process: How It Works

by Richard Zakroff on February 24, 2017

If you’re new to Cash In My Bag, welcome! You’re invited to check out all our site has to offer and learn more about how this whole thing works. If you’ve got some designer bags sitting around that you haven’t used in a while, and you’ve got your eye on one of ours, then let’s make a deal! We’ll buy your authentic designer bag from you so that you can keep growing your collection. We’re breaking down the process for you right here so that you can finally turn your bags into cash—here’s how it works.

Fill out our “Tell Us What You Would Like To Sell” form

The Cash In My Bag process is designed to make your experience shopping with us an easy and simple one. It’s pretty straight forward—Tell us about your bag and its condition, snap some pics, and provide us with your contact information. The form will be submitted to our team of experts that will give you a quote based on the information and pictures you’ve provided us. You should expect to be contacted within 24 hours with our initial offer.

Celine Trapeze Black LeatherShip us your bag

If you’re happy with the quote, ship us the bag so that we can take a look at it. Don’t worry about paying for shipping or printing a shipping label—just use the pre-paid and insured UPS shipping label already included with your quote. Insured shipping is always free!

Our team of appraisers will closely inspect your bag in order to assess its value and authenticity. Our appraisers offer a guaranteed highest payout that is designed to reflect the true value of the bag, taking into consideration factors like wear and tear, retail price, and demand.

You get your money, or we’ll ship it back. No strings attached!

Once we’ve confirmed it is authentic and have properly inspected it, we’ll send you a final quote and notify you when your bag has completed the process. Happy with the quote and ready to sell? Just tell us we have a deal, and we’ll mail you the check within 24 hours. That’s it!

Of course, if for some reason you’re not happy with our quote, you have no obligation to cash in your bag. Just let us know and we’ll ship it right back; again, free of charge if it’s been confirmed authentic.


Once you’ve received your money, the rest is up to you. Check out our inventory of hundreds of designer handbags and upgrade your wardrobe with some new beauties; it’s always fun to switch things up!

Still on the fence? Head on over to our testimonials page to find out what others are saying about Cash In My Bag and how satisfied they were with their experience! If you have any other questions about anything mentioned here, check out or FAQ page for more information on our quotes, shipping, and authenticity policies. Happy shopping!