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Vegan Options for Designer Handbags + Tips for a Vegan Shopper

by Richard Zakroff on April 14, 2017

If you have had trouble finding designer and luxury items that fit your vegan lifestyle, look no further! Our site features dozens of luxury items by designers that offer their beautiful designs in vegan options for the earth lover in all of us. According to Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG), there are 2.5 million vegan people in the world. Designers are taking note of that growing number, and are rolling out more vegan-friendly designs than ever before. Don’t sacrifice style for principle any longer! Check out these jaw-dropping, ethically made, 100% vegan designer handbags that every vegan fashionista should know about. (Plus, we have some great tips at the end of this article so that you can become a vegan bag hunting expert.)


  1. Givenchy Antigona Medium Faux-leather Satchel- First on our list is Givency’s Antigona faux-leather satchel. Givenchy has been a pioneer in catering to the vegan demographic, rolling out vegan perfumes and other luxury items that meet ethical standards such as not testing on animals, and using high-quality leather, fur, and skin substitutes. This particular bag is made with faux leather, of course, and is one of the most popular vegan options as far as designer handbags go. Plus, its sleek silhouette and minimalistic beauty is absolutely gorgeous.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Blue Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag

  1. Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Duo-Compartment Shoulder Bag- As you may already know, Bottega Veneta is known for its highly-sought-after authentic Italian leather and its signature intrecciato weave style. This bag is actually a part of the brand’s eco-friendly line that has vegans everywhere scrambling to get a peek. (That’s right, there’s plenty more where this came from.) The bag is proudly made with sustainable, environmentally-sensitive materials and is available in several colors (thanks to all-natural, vegan dyes, of course!).
  1. Bottega Veneta Marco Polo PVC Tote- Another great option from Bottega Veneta is this edgy and eye-catching PVC tote that is made from textured PVC. PVC has become a popular alternative because it avoids the use of leather, yet keeps its stylish, trend-setter vibe alive. The synthetic canvas-like material is accented by faux-leather features and a fabric lining that is environmentally-friendly and downright gorgeous.
  1. Stella McCartney Cavendish Faux Python Mini Tote- Because Stella herself is a vegetarian, the brand is known for offering tons of vegan handbag and shoe options. The only trouble you’ll have here is picking a favorite among them! The bag we picked is made from animal-friendly materials, including faux-python (polyester/nylon blend) “skin—” but you would never guess it. It looks like the real thing, but allows you to stay true to your vegan principles by avoiding supporting the use of animal fur, leather, and silk.
  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Top Schooly Reflector Mini Jax Bag- This bag is made of thermoplastic material, featuring a faux leather exterior, with fabric lining and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap to match. The brand actually makes a lot of nylon bags that are made without the use of animals!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can determine whether or not a designer handbag truly is vegan, we have some tips! Always, always, always check the tags to read what materials were used to make the product. Just because a bag was made with faux-leather, that doesn’t necessarily mean every aspect of the bag is vegan. Sometimes a bag will be made with faux-python skin, yet be adorned with leather accents or handles. One good rule of thumb is that diffusion lines, or inexpensive alternatives, of your favorite designers are more likely to contain vegan, ethically-made, or environmentally friendly pieces. If you’re ever unsure of the conditions under which a luxury item was made, be sure to talk to an expert and get the inside scoop about the dyes, testing, and materials used.