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What Does Your Designer Handbag Say About You?

by Richard Zakroff on February 28, 2017

The Prepared Prep: Big, spacious, carries everything

Always on-the-go, this wonder woman does it all. She never leaves the house without, well, everything. Makeup? She’s got it. Mirror? Yup. Lotion? It’s in there. A book? Why not. The Prepared Prep brings her tote everywhere, and people know she’ll be there with a spare phone charger to save the day. The bottom of the bag has probably never seen the light of day, but that’s okay—dig deep enough, and you’ll eventually find anything you need. Signs you’re a Prepared Prep? You often carry a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, your friends immediately turn to you when they need an extra pen or two, and you can’t imagine leaving the house with anything less than your entire office and closet. We kid—sort of.

The Bold Beauty: Bright color or crazy pattern

Spontaneous, energetic, and social, this daring designer handbag lover thrives on stealing the show. Her fun-loving personality and energetic spirit shine brightest when all eyes are on her—and her bag. The Bold Beauty carries a crazy, show-stopping handbag whose unique style turns heads everywhere she goes. Whether it’s a bright color, one-of-a-kind pattern, or an eye-catching sparkle, her bag screams “Notice me” in the best way possible. You might be a Bold Beauty if you own an Hermes, a Gucci, or a Fendi.

The Classic Cutie: Small, simple, or vintage

The Classic Cutie is the girl whose timeless look and classic elegance is admired everywhere she goes. Her soft, sweet, style and contagious sense of humor isn’t overpowered by her dainty clutch or shoulder bag. She sports a small, simplistic, or vintage bag that holds only the essentials, as she dances the night away or enjoys a coffee date with a friend. The Classic Cutie is a Chanel girl at heart, though she’s also seen with Prada and the occasional LV.

The Practical Pretty Girl: Functional and organized

Organized, sensible, and responsible, this subtle style icon favors function over form. Every handbag she owns has a purpose, and compartments are her best friend. The Practical Pretty is a multi-tasking career gal who knows what she wants and has the determination to succeed in style. She carries only the essentials, and everything has its place. Polished and professional, the Practical Pretty Girl is usually seen with an Hermes Toolbox or a Celine Luggage bag, which are perfect for the storage and organization she needs to get through a day at the office.

The Frugal Fashionista: Whatever is on sale

The savvy shopper in all of us envies the girl who always gets the deal—she’s always on the hunt for the most drool-worthy handbags, but only if they’re at a discount. Forget the extravagant top-of-the-liners, the Frugal Fashionista has her eye on whatever will give her the best bag for her buck. She’s smart, driven, and creative, and always finds a way to make her money stretch a mile. Who said high fashion can’t be affordable?

Versace White LeatherThe True Trendsetter: Whatever is newest/rarest

The True Trendsetter always has her eye on the Next Big Thing—she’s constantly scanning the latest magazines and anticipating the up-and-coming designer trends of tomorrow. She will do anything she can to get her hands on the most coveted bags of the time, at whatever the cost. The True Trendsetter is selective in her purchases, however, and she’s only interested in the best of the best. She’s not necessarily after what everyone else is wearing—but what everyone else wants to wear. She’s fearless, untouchable, and an independent girl who sets the fashion standard wherever she goes.

The Happy Hoarder: Collects all bags

This obsessive designer handbag collector has to have every bag she sees. Her closet resembles a storage facility and she knows the sales associates at her local designer boutique on a first name basis. She has it all—from the small, sparkly clutch for an evening out to the perfect statement leather Fendi bag for a day on the go. The Happy Hoarder is passionate, dedicated, and loves to help others. Her friends know they can count on her to have the perfect outfit accessory or bag, whatever the occasion.