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Why Are Celebrities Wearing Two Designer Handbags At Once?

by Richard Zakroff on April 21, 2017

This puzzling, yet admittedly intriguing trend has everyone talking. Celebrities are being photographed with not only one designer “It” bag, but two. You heard that right—many celebs are actually being spotted sporting a full-size LV alongside another one. Overkill? Maybe; but we also think it’s actually quite genius.

A-listers are constantly competing for the attention and publicity that is won by extravagant displays of status and wealth. What better way to show your worth than with a must-have designer bag? Expensive arm candy isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s a status statement, and the bar has just been raised. Stars such as Rihanna, Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Alba have recently been spotted carrying striking combinations of designer bags that are expertly coordinated with their outfits. Whether running to the store, traveling, shopping, or heading to the gym, celebrities are taking advantage of the function gained by toting twice the space throughout the day.

Doubling an accessory like a bag, which is carried just about everywhere, may seem like a hassle, but it clearly has its benefits. Have you ever went digging in your bag for your wallet, keys, or phone in a rush? (If you suffer from bag overload, you may want to check out this previous blog where we tell you how to purge the clutter and keep just the essentials.) By carrying two bags, celebs are able to keep the bigger items separate from the smaller, more frequently accessed items that need to be found and grabbed easily. You have to admit, it does make sense.

At the very least, of course, wearing two designer bags at once also make for a great photo-op and are a chance to show off even more so than before the trend. Carrying two bags isn’t just practical, it also puts an entirely new spin on the art of styling handbags. Not only are bags styled with an outfit, but now, they are also styled with other bags. Intrigued? We were too. While some celebs have been seen pairing a larger bag with a smaller one, others go for combinations that complement various colors or styles; for example, layering a navy blue bag with a floral print one that contains navy accents. Genius.

But where did this all start? As it turns out, this trend may have actually been inspired by fashion houses Chloe and Fendi, after they sent their models down a 2015 runway carrying two bags at once. At first, it simply seemed like a practical way to showcase two bags, but as with most new ideas in fashion, the trend spread like wildfire. Suddenly, bag pairings began appearing everywhere—and celebrities, as always, didn’t miss a beat.

Designer handbags are also seemingly getting smaller and smaller, and function has been sacrificed in the name of fashion. With the trend of downsized bags sweeping the industry, people are looking for ways to wear a micro-bag while still being able to carry the essentials. Hence, the layered bag look is born!

Our favorite combinations of layered bags we’ve seen are Rihanna’s pastel pair in Dior and Jessica Alba’s Ralph Lauren micro-bag combined with a Louis Vuitton tote. Are you surprised at all by this trend? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!