Customer Testimonials Cash In My Bag

Cash In My Bag customers give us 5 Star reviews for our luxury designer merchandise.  If you are wondering where to buy designer handbags, Cash In My Bag is your go-to online store for 100% Guaranteed Authentic Designer items.  Our prices and lightning fast shipping are beyond compare.  Our founding principle is great customer service.  We value our customers and it is our goal to make your shopping and selling experience a great experience.  We love hearing from our satisfied customers, send your review to add to our testimonials.


“I was very happy with my whole experience. It was super easy, safe and rewarding. I was holding on to things that were just collecting dust in my closet. A sales associate came picked them up, and cut me a more than fair check for things i thought didn’t have any value because they had been worn and were last season. Its nice to get a $1000.00 check here and there and not lift a finger. I had used other ebay selling sites and really took a hit on things i spent a lot of money on. I had to wait months to be paid. And got pennies in return. Very disheartening.” 


“I have recently sold a few high-end handbags thru Cash In My Bag. The staff was so friendly, chatting with me while they took the time and effort to authenticate each item. The pricing is better than Ebay and there is no hassle of going thru the consignment process. I’m returning with my scrap /broken gold as they also pay cash for my unused jewels! 2 thumbs up!!”


“I sold 4 Louis Vuitton bags and a couple pairs of shoes and they gave me $2,000. I couldn’t believe how quick the process was and I didn’t have to wait for my pieces to sell.”

Thank you! Katie T.

“I would like to say that this is my first time doing business with CashInMyBag and it has absolutely been a pleasure. You all are very professional and efficient. I will definitely do business again in the future and refer you to anyone I know who loves to buy/sell designer handbags. Thank you so much for your offer on my Chanel handbag.” – Debbie R, Salt Lake City UT

“I’ve tried many consignment shops and my experiences have usually been unpleasant. Even worse, they don’t have clientele that can appreciate my merchandise. I’m so glad to sell to CashInMyBag when I am ready to part with them In addition, because my selling experience has been so smooth and respected, I will not hesitate to buy from CashInMyBag as well.” – Lucile B, Short Hills NJ

“I continue to sell my unwanted items to CashInMyBag. They always pay the most and have the fastest turn around.” – Fran B, Delray Beach FL

“I wish I had known about you before I tried to sell my designer bags on Craigslist. It was such a hassle. Who wants to be bothered?” – Elizabeth M, Walnut Creek CA

“I knew I wasn’t getting the best prices at those dingy consignment stores. Plus I had to wait forever for my money and some stuff never sold that they lost. At CashInMyBag I told them what I had, they quoted me and then I got paid. Consignment stores are going to be a thing of the past.” – Linda R, Westchester, NY

“ What a great business. It seems I used to be giving my designer things to my housekeeper. Now I get cash for it and I go out and buy new stuff I want” – Lisa M, Gladwyne PA

“Thanks for paying me such fair prices for my LV bag. Now I am going to start buying from you” – Dana C, Boston MA